Black Oystercatcher

Haematopus bachmani

Since this heavy shorebird is resident throughout its range and is not prone to large dispersal flights or vagrancy it is a surprising addition to the Saint Paul avifauna. Nevertheless Black Oystercatchers have reached the Pribilofs three times. The first was collected on Saint George on January 12, 1917. The second was found on both Saint George and Saint Paul from late June to late July, 1986. The third bird lingered on Saint Paul from May 19-25, 2002. There are no other all black shorebirds with thick bright red bills and short dull pink legs that could confound the identification of a vagrant Oystercatcher. There is one record of a wandering (white-bellied) Eurasian Oystercatcher from the Commander Islands, in the far western Bering Sea.