Anas strepera

Gadwall is one of the least common North American ducks that regularly make it out to the Pribilof Islands. On average the species is found in one out of every four field seasons, although sightings regularly are comprised of multiple individuals. All sightings are from spring, spanning the date range of May 6-June 30. Male Gadwalls, with their black undertails, gray breasts, chestnut on their wings, and small black-bordered white speculum should not cause confusion with any other species. Females are best identified by their two toned bill, which is orange on the sides and grayish above, white inner secondaries, and white belly. Female Falcated Ducks are somewhat similar to female Gadwalls in shape and size, but have a slightly bushy nape, all black bill and a dark speculum bordered in white. Gadwalls seem to prefer lakes with extensive emergent vegetation, especially the ponds near Tonki Point, Pumphouse Lake, Webster Lake and the Dump Pond.