Ring-necked Duck

Aythya collaris

Ring-necked Ducks have appeared in the Pribilofs four times. The fist sighting was of a pair on June 9-13, 1977, the second involved three birds seen on May 12-15, 1984, the third was of a single bird on June 7-9, 1998 and the most recent was of a male seen on May 23 and 24, 2005. Look for the black back (shared only by Tufted Duck), grayish flanks with a white proximal extension up to the base of the neck, and white stripe across the center of the bill to separate this species from the more common Tufted Duck. Females will show a whitish lore and cheek, with a thin white stripe extending from behind the eye and white saddle in the bill (all features making them distinct from Tufted Duck). Look for this species in our more marshy lakes, especially Pumphouse and Webster Lakes in late spring or early summer.