Rough-legged Hawk

This is the only Buteo species that has been recorded in the Pribilofs. The first Pribilof record was of a North American (subspeciesButeo lagopus sanctijohannis) in the fall of 1917. Most records of this species, which seems to occur roughly twice a decade, are in spring. Look for this species over the center of the island, along the road to Marunich or near Sheep or Big Lake. Rough-legged Hawks take mainly small rodents (of which there are none on Saint Paul). It is likely that while on the island Rough-leggeds undertake pursuit of the endemic Pribilof Island Shrew. Look for the long white tail with a wide dark terminal band and dark wrist patches (on light morph birds) to separate this species from the other two possible Bering Sea Buteos (Red-tailed Hawk and Common Buzzard).