Rusty Blackbird

This species is a widespread breeder in spruce bogs across Alaska. There are five records of this species in the Pribilofs, two in spring (late May), and three in late fall (October and November). However, only one of these records is from within the last 50 years. There are no Asian analogs to our blackbirds, so the only source of potential identification confusion would likely be Brewer’s Blackbird. Brewer’s Blackbirds have not been recorded anywhere in the Bering Sea but have been seen in Barrow. For spring birds, look for the glossy black body (if male) or yellow iris (if female) of Rusty Blackbird to separate them from Brewer’s. In fall look for Rusty Blackbird’s evident pale supercilium, rusty scalloped upperparts and (if female) pale throat and gray rump.