Spoonbill Sandpiper

Eurynorhynchus pygmeus

Spoonbill Sandpiper is a very scarce species that breeds in pockets along the Northeast Russian Coast. It is uncommon even on its breeding grounds. There is one record of this species from Saint Paul, of a juvenile found in the pond at Northwest Point on August 20, 1989. This species has been recorded in North America fewer than ten times. They are a late migrant in spring, not arriving on their breeding grounds until the third week of June. If given a clear view of the bill, this species is unmistakable. The bill shape is not always easily seen, but the feeding style, with a side to side head sweep in mud is always characteristic. This species should always be in the back of a visiting birders mind, and when confronted with spring Red-necked Stints (which Spoonbill Sandpiper resembles in plumage) a careful check of the bill shape is warranted.