Temminck’s Stint 

Calidris temminckii

Temminck’s Stint is possibly the most distinctive stint species. This species is casual in spring (mid-May to early June), and rare in fall (mid-August to mid-September)in the Pribilof Islands. Look for the breeding adults yellow-green legs, plain gray-brown upperparts with scattered buff and black markings, white eye ring, long tail, broadly edged in white, and fairly plain brownish-gray breast. Juveniles are very grayish above, with fine black bars down the scapular feathers, long tail, and white fringes to upper part feathers. When flushed this species will often “tower” or fly up to a great height before dropping back into the marsh. Temminck’s Stints prefer estuarine mudflats or the muddy margins of well-vegetated freshwater lakes. They will often feed under the dense cover of the marsh grasses and can be difficult to flush.