About the St Paul Island Tour

The St. Paul Tour Program has operated for over 60 years, welcoming thousands of visitors to one of the worlds last remote wild and unbelievable nature tour destinations. The tour is owned and operated by TDX Corporation tdxcorp.com which in turn is owned by and represents the business interests of over 600 Unangan shareholders of St. Paul Island, Alaska. Incorporated with the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act in 1971, as the Alaska Native Corporation for the Community of St. Paul. TDX Corporation has grown to be ranked as Alaska 26th largest business operating in Alaska with revenues in 2016 of over $120mm dollars. Originally named in the original Unangan language as Tanadgusix Corporation (“Our Great Land”), TDX Corporation, and its family of companies has grown to over 500 employees today operating in ten countries worldwide, and 25 States in the USA. The company is a diversified multinational business, that has four major business segments: TDX Corporation with its headquarters on St. Paul Island, and its corporate business offices, TDX boasts that it operates in some of the harshest conditions in the world, be it serving the fishing fleets of the “Deadliest Catch™” in the Bering Sea Arctic waters, or maintaining remote installations and operations in the desert environments of the Middle East to remote mountains of the Far East.

The mission of TDX Corporation is to develop and maintain profitable and sustainable businesses that protect and preserve Unangan land and culture: and that contribute to the successful and fulfilling lives of our shareholders through job opportunities, education opportunities, sustainable economic stability for our home St. Paul Island, dividends and other shareholder benefits.

St. Paul Island Sustainability Mission

Our environment sustains us and our island’s magnificent wildlife sanctuary. We in turn hold the preservation of our natural resources in the highest regard.

TDX Corporation is partnered with the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge along with the Tribal Government of St. Paul Island to ensure the conservation preservation of the natural and cultural resources of our island. These partnerships bring innovative approaches to land and water management in the most environmentally protective way possible. These partnerships also ensure that the technologically-based stewardship of our environment is carried out in the most scientifically-informed manner, to ensure the success of all the conservation efforts on our island.

All of our businesses are centered around our alternative energy power sources. Our King Eider Hotel is 100% powered and heated by our wind turbines in our power plant on St. Paul Island. By doing this, we are proud to minimize the environmental impact of our operations by burning less fossil fuel every single day.

TDX Corporation and St. Paul Island Tour strives above all else to be a good company, a great employer, and a champion of the environment. Integrating sustainability into our planning and business operations is an integral part of our core mission: to provide for and protect our people and to preserve our island for future generations. In our everyday operations we have embraced sustainability practices that are important to the environment, our community, and our island.

Our Commitment to Sustainability:

  • Ensure that our island remains pristine and free of pollution.
  • Educate all who visit our island to ensure that they are informed and will comply with all island stewardship policies.
  • Monitor and check that all who visit our island demonstrate respect for our values, as well as conduct themselves with respect for our island wildlife habitat.
  • Continue to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and waste of resources, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.
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