Discover one of the world’s last wild places

Imagine traveling all the way to Alaska, then going even farther…to a small, windswept island in the Bering Sea. St. Paul Island is raw and rich with wildlife, especially birds. When you journey here, you leave the crush of tourists and souvenir shops behind. What you’ll find instead is authentic Aleut culture, wide-open spaces and the breathtaking beauty of nature.

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Migratory Bird Capital

Our location in the ocean between two continents makes St. Paul Island the ideal resting point for migrating birds. At least 313 species have been recorded on the island, including many rare birds making their spring migration. St. Paul Island is a birder’s paradise.

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Our Culture & Heritage

Let us take you back in time by visiting historical sites where remains of traditional barabaras can still be seen. Barabaras were semisubterranean dwellings used by both Russians and Aleuts on St. Paul Island until the late 1870s. They were constructed of soil with sod roofs to withstand the high winds of the Bering Sea climate.

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Travel to St. Paul

St. Paul Island is a 3.5-hour flight from Anchorage. The island is served by Ravn, a regional partner of Alaska Airlines. You can book your entire trip through Alaska Airlines or fly to Anchorage on another airline and book your Ravn flight to St. Paul Island separately.

Our tour packages

We offer a variety of tours available May through mid-October, from quick visits of 3 days/2 nights to 8 days/7 nights for in-depth exploration of the island and birding spots. Each includes shared accommodations and guide services.

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What our guests say

Walter H

All the staff were excellent. Guides were superb.

Walter H.

Patti S

I loved my view of the water…thrilled to see a King Eider. The most fun was getting acquainted with the friendly Aleut people.

Patti S.

John and Mary F

Absolutely Excellent Experience!

John and Mary F.

Warren G

Joe served great food. 29 lifers! Wonderful break from concrete and traffic.

Warren G.

Sydney V

Fascinating place, unforgettable trip, thank you! I must come back!

Sydney V.

Charles D

Been coming since 1978, always a pleasure.

Charles D.

Chris C

I’ve always wanted to come here. This was the trip of a lifetime as a bird photographer. The photos were beyond my expectations.

Chris C.