Cassin’s Auklet

Ptychoramphus aleuticus

A very rare alcid in the central and northern Bering Sea, this species does not range north of the Aleutians regularly and as such is extremely rare around the Pribilofs. This species prefers warmer water and therefore is best looked for in summer and fall, particularly in years with above average sea temperatures, which may push birds farther north. Like many species of tubenoses, this species is more likely to be seen at sea near the Pribilofs and along the continental shelf break rather than around the islands themselves.

Cassins Auklet by Nat Drumheller 1024x543 - Cassin's Auklet
Photo by Nat Drumheller
Cassins Auklet by Cory Gregory 1024x683 - Cassin's Auklet
Photo by Cory Gregory
Cassins Auklet 2 by Nat Drumheller 1024x425 - Cassin's Auklet
Photo by Nat Drumheller