Barrow’s Goldeneye

There are only three Pribilof records of this attractive holarctic duck. All sightings to date have been of adult males, between May 7 and June 8. Common Goldeneyes are annual in small numbers in spring and again in late fall, and any group of goldeneyes should be given a quick overview to see if there might be a Barrow’s with the group. Adult alternate male Barrow’s Goldeneye can be picked out a some distance by their black extension down the breast, oddly forward peaked crown, crescent shaped white eyepatch and row of white squares in the scapulars. Eclipse males greatly resemble Common Goldeneyes but retain the forward peaked crown. Female Barrow’s Goldeneyes have a more rounded crown than female Common’s and have a markedly shorter bill that is mostly orange. Goldenyes tend to frequent the islands deeper lakes (Antone, Weather Bureau, Polovina and Webster) and the north end of the Salt Lagoon.