Common Rosefinch

Carpodacus erythrinus

Accidental in the Pribilofs, Common Rosefinches have been recorded only twice on Saint Paul The first sighting was of a female on June 11, 1977, and the second was of a single bird in Zapadnie Ravine in early June. No North American representative of the genus is likely in the Bering Sea, although there is one fall record of Purple Finch from Saint Lawrence. Look for this species in spring, or perhaps late fall, in wind-sheltered locations during fierce west winds. Male Common Rosefinches are redder above and below than any of the North AmericanCarpodacusfinches. Females lack distinct eyebrows, and are dusky above and diffusely streaked below. Probably the best feature to use in identifying females (and males) is the short, strongly curved culmen.