Sandhill Crane

Antigone canadensis

A regular, though sporadic, spring migrant through the Pribilofs, this species is decidedly less common at other seasons. Most records are from mid-May to early June, with a peak of abundance during the second half of May. Very rarely birds will linger into, or arrive during, the summer, with a handful of records into late June, July, and early August. All fall sightings of migrant individuals have come from the second half of September suggesting a pattern of occurrence that may be fully determined with additional coverage.

Sandhill Crane by Barbara Lestenkof 1024x488 - Sandhill Crane
Photo by Barbara Lestenkof
Sandhill Crane by Stephan Lorenz 1024x675 - Sandhill Crane
Photo by Stephan Lorenz
Sandhill Crane by Phil Chaon 683x1024 - Sandhill Crane
Photo by Phil Chaon
Sandhill Crane by Scott Schuette 1024x683 - Sandhill Crane
Photo by Scott Schuette