Alle alle

This very small black and white alcid is a very rare breeder on Saint Lawrence Island (400 miles north of Saint Paul), and a few other isolated outposts. On hard winter years the Bering Sea packice can reach the Pribilof Islands, bringing this and other Nordic species down to our “southerly” latitude. There are five accepted records in the Pribilofs, on Saint George on July 8, 1958, on Saint Paul on June 6, 1988, June 8 and 23, 1989, May 31, 1992, and August 3-10, 1995. Look for this species near flocks of Least Auklets, or if very lucky on the seabird cliffs. Good identification features for this species include the full black bib and upperparts, white underparts, short neck and plump body. Some care must be taken, especially in late summer and fall, as juvenile Least Auklets can approximate this species (although they will show bright blue eyes, and a white throat).