Branta bernicla

The second most common goose species during the spring, this species becomes the most regular migrant goose species during fall migration in the Pribilofs. It is most common in the spring from May 15th to June 10th with a peak of occurrence around June 1st. Fall migrants are usually first found during early September and remain normal through the rest of that month and into the middle of October. There are a few records of summer wanderers and one instance of a bird lingering from the spring into July. There is an early spring record in April, which falls within the winter period, though a January record is the only true winter sighting for this species in the islands, which is likely not be expected at that season. This goose is found primarily on saltwater (though it is most often seen on freshwater lakes in the Pribilofs) and thus migrates over the ocean between breeding grounds in western Alaska and staging areas along the Alaska Peninsula, which has led to small pushes of birds during strong storms that are situated to the east of the Pribilofs. Only the “Black” Brant has been recorded in the Pribilofs, though other subspecies are possible.

Brant by Stephan Lorenz 1024x576 - Brant
Photo by Stephan Lorenz
Brant by Cory Gregory 1024x677 - Brant
Photo by Cory Gregory
Brant by Barbara Lestenkof 1024x491 - Brant
Photo by Barbara Lestenkof