Long-tailed Duck

Clangula hyemalis

This is a common year-round resident that breeds in small to moderate numbers on St. Paul Island and winters in large numbers throughout the Pribilofs. While the largest numbers are present during late winter and early spring when numbers peak, it can be encountered in moderately large numbers in early May though most non-breeders have vacated the islands by June 1st leaving only the breeding population during the summer when daily counts of less than 50 individuals are typical. The St. Paul Island breeding population likely involves less than 50 total pairs (there are a few nesting records from St. George Island) with chicks usually appearing during July or early August. Fall migrants have not been noted in any numbers prior to mid-October with post-breeding concentrations appearing during August and September and the earliest triple digit count for the winter not until December. Fall migrants likely arrive in the islands during November and December in most years.

Photo by Sulli Gibson
Photo by Nigel Voaden
Photo by Ryan P. O’Donnell