Mergellus albellus

This species is recorded on a semi-annual basis with a record every three years on average since 1995. They are most commonly found during the spring from May 15th-31st, with many records of birds lingering for days or of multiple individuals arriving together. There are three early summer records in late June and early July, which follows a similar pattern of early summer wanderings by waterfowl in the Pribilofs. There are no records of this species from any season outside of spring or early summer, though it should be expected as a late fall migrant were coverage to exist at that time. It is also likely to arrive in the islands prior to May on occasion in the late winter and early spring. Most records involve female-plumaged birds, though immature or adult males have been seen on several occasions.

Photo by Gavin Bieber
Smew (right) with Northern Pintails by Christian Hagenlocher