Snow Goose

Anser caerulescens

Most sightings of this species in the Pribilofs are assumed to be migrants passing from Alaska to northeast Russia (or vice versa) where they breed on Wrangell Island, though the majority of this population passes across the Bering Strait to the north of the Pribilofs. As such it is only a rare migrant with semi-annual records during the spring and only a handful of fall records. It is likely that fall migrants will begin to be recorded more regularly in the future as coverage is expanded later into the fall, as late September to early October is likely the peak of migration at that time.

Snow Goose by Cory Gregory 1 1024x683 - Snow Goose
Photo by Cory Gregory
Snow Goose by Barbara Lestenkof 1024x534 - Snow Goose
Snow Geese (2nd and 3rd from right) by Barbara Lestenkof