Eurasian Hobby

Falco subbuteo

There are just three confirmed sightings of this old-world falcon in the Pribilofs. The first occurred on Saint George on August 15, 1984, the second involved a bird that lingered around the crab pots from July 14-23, 1997, and the most recent involved a bird in Novastoshna on June 25, 2003. This long winged and short tailed falcon is wide ranging across the old world and has been seen on ships at scattered locations around the Bering Sea. There are no common birds of prey on Saint Paul so any raptor will cause a stir. Adult Eurasian Hobbies are roughly Merlin sized, with very long slender wings, white cheeks, solid dark gray upperparts and cinnamon-buff undertails. Peregrines are much larger and stockier birds, with a full dark hood and cheek (as adults). Juvenile or second year birds retain the possess the general shape of the adult but are heavily streaked below and brown above, making them quite similar in plumage to female Merlin.