Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel

Oceanodroma furcata

This attractive Storm-Petrel is the only species of regularly occurring Storm-Petrel near the Pribilofs shores. The only other Storm-Petrel in the Bering Sea is the black and white Leach-s Storm-Petrel which occurs in deep water, nearly 40 miles to the southwest of Saint Paul and has not yet been detected from shore in the Pribilofs. Look for this species in summer and early fall, during periods of strong south or southeast winds. If the waves are crashing upon the cement pier at East Landing, then a prolonged seawatch should produce one or two Fork-taileds. Occasionally this species can be found off Northeast Point, associating with other seabirds along a rack line that is about 300 yards Northeast of Hutchinson Hill. Visiting birders should be somewhat careful not to confuse this species with poorly seen migrant Red Phalaropes, which are often abundant in late summer and fall.