Common Rosefinch

Carpodacus erythrinus

A predominantly spring vagrant in the Pribilofs, which is very rare at all times, this species has also been found during the summer and fall. It is a late spring migrant that has only been found during mid-June, which is later than most similar species. The sole summer record from early July is likely a failed breeding bird, while the fall records from early and late September are within the normal range of passerine vagrants at that season and similar to other Carpodacus (and similar) finches.

Common Rosefinch by Doug Gochfeld 1024x652 - Common Rosefinch
Photo Doug Gochfeld
Common Rosefinch by Sulli Gibson 1024x683 - Common Rosefinch
Photo by Sulli Gibson
Common Rosefinch by Cory Gregory - Common Rosefinch
Photo by Cory Gregory