Red Crossbill

Loxia curvirostra

This species has been recorded on a regular, though semi-annual basis in the Pribilofs. Many of these records involve irruptions of birds over a span of time or individuals that spent an extended period of time on the island. There is only one arrival record from spring (late May), with six summer arrivals (mostly mid-late July), and two from the fall (August). This, and the next species, are likely the only ones to have been found during all three seasons in the Pribilofs that are more likely during the summer, which is when irruptions of these species are most likely to begin.

Red Crossbill by Jordan Roderick 995x1024 - Red Crossbill
Photo by Jordan Roderick
Red Crossbill 2 by Jordan Roderick 718x1024 - Red Crossbill
Photo by Jordan Roderick