Anas querquedula

This attractive old-world duck has been found in the Pribilof Islands on at least 7 occasions. In contrast to the rest of the western Alaska outposts Garganey seem to appear mostly in fall on the Pribilofs. Of the 7 records, 4 are from the period of Aug 28-Septemeber 9, the other 3 come from May 18-21. Alternate plumaged males are unmistakable, but females and eclipse males can be somewhat tricky to separate from other dabbling ducks, especially Green-winged Teal. Excellent field marks for this species are the larger size, presence of prominent white edgings to the secondaries and tertials on a swimming bird, a pale lore spot at the base of the all-dark bill, strong eyelines across the generally well patterned face and dark undertail coverts. Eclipse males retain their characteristic wing pattern, with a gray-blue forewing and green speculum bordered in white.