Golden-crowned Sparrow

Zonotrichia atricapilla

This species is annual in the Priblofs, being casual in the spring and rare in the fall. In spring, Golden-crowned Sparrows are on average found one out of every four seasons. In fall, Golden-crowned Sparrows are annual, and during some years can be numerous (14 in a day on Sep. 7, 2004). No species of old-world bunting resembles Golden-crowned Sparrow. However, confusion could come from first year White-crowned Sparrows, which are regular but not annual in fall. In general White-crowned Sparrows are more boldly marked, especially in the face, with contrastingly pale superciliaries, paler breasts and darker auriculars than the more evenly toned and darker Golden-crowned Sparrow. White-crowned Sparrows can often be found in association with Golden-crowneds while on the island, often in sheltered areas such as the Crap Pots, Zapadnie Ravine, Kamanista, and Polovina or Hutchinson Hill. Both species tend to linger on the island for days after arriving, and spring Golden-crowned Sparrows can often be heard singing.