Gray-Streaked Flycatcher

Muscicapa griseisticta

This species was formerly known as the Siberian Flycatcher. There are a mere 13 records of this species from the ABA listing region. Of these 13 records, five come from Saint Paul Island. The first was found on June 13, 1999 in the lava flows near Southwest Point. The other records come from the years 2003, 2004, and 2005, and all fall within a date range of June 4-24. This species is unlikely to be confused with any North American bird, but does closely resemble the (slightly) more common Gray-streaked Flycatcher and also the very rare Asian Brown Flycatcher. Good field marks for this species include brownish lores, dark-centered undertail coverts, long primary projection, and a diffuse dark wash across the breast and flanks. Asian Brown Flycatchers should lack a darkened flank and breast, have unmarked undertail coverts, a longer bill with a noticeable pale base to the lower mandible and are a sandier gray/brown above. Gray-streaked Flycatchers have even longer primary projection, distinct streaks across the breast and down the flanks, whitish lores, and white undertail coverts.