Greater Scaup

Aythya marila

Greater Scaup are uncommon on the Pribilof Islands throughout the tour season. They can be present in large numbers, and some years some spend an entire summer in the island’s deeper lakes. No evidence of breeding has been found. On an average year this species will be sighted daily through May and early June, and then be absent through July and August. By September, a few southbound individuals typically arrive, although not I the same numbers as the spring birds. The best areas for observing this and other diving ducks are the Salt Lagoon, and Weather Bureau, Polovina and Webster Lakes. If a rarer species ofAythyasuch as Lesser Scaup, Tufted Duck, Canvasback, Ring-necked Duck or Common Pochard reaches the island they will often associate with the flocks of Greater Scaup. For information regarding the separation of Greater Scaup from the above list of potentially, confusing candidates please see those accounts.