Greater White-fronted Goose

Greater White-fronted Geese are nearly annual during spring, and are accidental in fall on the Pribilof Islands. The spring passage occurs between May 10 and June 19. This and other species of goose typically are found in the thick grassy margins of the ponds between Tonki Point and Polovina Point, Big Lake and Webster Lake. The only somewhat likely source for confusion in the identification of this species comes from the casual Bean Goose. Bean Geese are larger, with a dark bill showing an orange-yellow band near the tip, and lacking any white at the base of the bill. The more regularly occurring subspecies of Bean Goose that reaches the Pribilofs (middendorffii) is also much longer necked, resembling a small swan in flight. Both species tend to be quite vocal in flight, and the deep calls of Bean Goose, which are very similar to the calls of domestic barnyard geese and are distinct from the high pitched cackle of Greater White-fronted Goose. It is worth noting that young Greater White-fronted Geese can virtually lack the white at the base of the bill. All Greater White-fronted Geese identified on the Pribilofs to subspecific level have belonged to thefrontalisgroup, which breeds around Bristol Bay. It is further worth noting that Lesser White-fronted Goose has occurred on Attu in spring, and should be looked for on the Pribilofs

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