Arctic Tern

Sterna paradisaea

A regular, albeit uncommon, spring migrant that is best looked for from May 20th-June 10th with a peak from May 15th-25th at that season. However, this species is found more regularly later in the year. While it can be seen on occasion during late spring and early summer, the peak time of occurrence is from July 15th-September 1st with a peak from August 10th-25th. It is only rarely encountered into September with just two records after the first two weeks of the month.

Arctic Tern by Doug Gochfeld 1024x605 - Arctic Tern
Photo by Doug Gochfeld
Arctic Tern by Nat Drumheller 1024x604 - Arctic Tern
Photo by Nat Drumheller
Arctic Tern by Ryan P. ODonnell - Arctic Tern
Photo by Ryan P. O’Donnell