White-tailed Eagle

Haliaeetus albicilla

The first record of this species was initially found in mid-May 2012 and last seen in mid-October 2013. The actual date of arrival could be during the late fall, winter, or early spring of 2011-2012, as there was no coverage during the preceding winter and an eagle was reported from St. Paul Island during the winter of 2011-2012. The full extent of this bird’s (and subsequent individuals) travels is not known and it has never been reliably reported from any island besides St. Paul, though it likely did visit others within the Pribilof group as it would regularly go “missing” for days or weeks during the tour season. The second record appeared during late fall/winter in 2016, which is probably the time frame for the original bird’s appearance and likely the best time to look for this species in the Pribilofs.

Photo by Doug Gochfeld
Photo by Doug Gochfeld
Photo by Brad Benter
Photo by Barbara Lestenkof