Leach’s Storm Petrel

Oceanodroma leucorhoa

Leach’s Storm-Petrels are relatively common birds in the deep water off the continental shelf. From Saint Paul, the shelf is slightly over 40 miles to the west, while from Saint George the shelf break is only 25 miles to the southwest. Despite the apparent regularity of this species in Pribilof waters, there are no documented records of this species from shore. A brief sighting of what was likely this species was made during a prolonged storm in early June 2006. USFWS personnel suspect that Storm-Petrels (Leach’s and/or Fork-tailed) may actually breed somewhere in the Pribilofs. A concentrated effort to survey the island’s periphery at night in mid June could prove this the case. Until such a survey is conducted, this species should be considered accidental on the island’s checklist.