Dusky Warbler

Phylloscopus fuscatus

An annual vagrant to western Alaska, this species is especially rare in the Pribilofs. A skulking species that could be under-recorded due to detection problems in the islands, there are only a few records from St. Paul Island. The single spring record falls in line with the only other spring Phylloscopus records from the islands and is likely best looked for in early-mid June in the future. The fall records from late August to mid-September are likewise similar to other records of similar species locally with early-mid September likely being the best time to search for this species in the Pribilofs.

Dusky Warbler by Doug Gochfeld 1024x657 - Dusky Warbler
Photo by Doug Gochfeld
Dusky Warbler 2 by Doug Gochfeld 1024x658 - Dusky Warbler
Photo by Doug Gochfeld