Lesser Scaup

Aythya affinis

Lesser Scaup are casual on the Pribilof Islands and are detected during roughly 30% of tour seasons. All of the approximately seven Pribilof records come from spring, with a date range of May 11 _ June 21. When on the island Lesser Scaup seem highly inclined to associate loosely with flocks of Greater Scaup. When in the company of Greater Scaups, Lesser Scaup can be identified by their peaked crown, smaller size, slightly duskier flanks, and small black bill nail. Identification in flight is perhaps more straightforward as the white wingbar in Lesser Scaup generally covers only the secondaries, while on Greater Scaup the white wing stripe extends into or through the primaries. Look for this species on any of the deeper lakes, such as Polovina, Weather Bureau, or Webster Lakes or in the Salt Lagoon.