McKay’s Bunting

Plectrophenax hyperboreus

A sporadic migrant, extremely rare breeder, and regular winter visitor, this species is best found in early spring, late fall, or winter in the Pribilofs. During spring migration this species is most regularly found from May 20th to June 5th, and very rarely an occasional migrant has remained to breed among the much more common Snow Buntings (Plectrophenax hyperboreus) into June and July. In general, this species is never located first during the summer. There remain few fall records though there are several recent records from early October and this species is likely to be much more regular in late October and November in the Pribilofs. Likely a few remain most winters in mixed-species flocks with Snow Buntings, though there is little coverage at that time.

McKays Bunting by Alison Vilag 1024x785 - McKay's Bunting
Photo by Alison Vilag
McKays Bunting by Cory Gregory - McKay's Bunting
Photo by Cory Gregory
McKays Bunting by Kayo Roy 1024x701 - McKay's Bunting
Photo by Kayo Roy
McKays Bunting by Marshall Iliff 1024x768 - McKay's Bunting
Photo by Marshall Iliff