Pacific Loon

Gavia pacifica

The most common loon in the Pribilof Islands, this species is regularly found during the spring and fall, with occasional sightings during the summer as well. It is most common from May 25th-June 10th in the spring with sightings not occurring regularly until at least May 20th. Spring migrants occur across a long period of time with regular sightings into early-mid June up until about June 15th, while numerous late June arrivals also exist. Summer records have occurred in 10+ years since 2000, with most occurrences during the final week of June. July and early August records are still quite rare, though not exceptional, with few August records of which most are at the end of the month. Regular reports of this species do not occur until September 10th or thereabouts, with this species appearing consistently during late September and early October in the fall when the largest numbers have been recorded. There is only one known winter record though this species likely occurs in small numbers into early winter during some years.

Photo by Rodney Lekanof