Calidris alpina

A sparse spring migrant that is never common, this species is found more regularly in the fall, though typically in small numbers. Spring migrants are not usually found until at least May 20th with similarly few records after June 1st, therefore this species is typically most numerous in the spring during the week centered on May 25th. There are a few late spring/very early fall records from late June through early August, though regular migrants are not typically noted until at least August 20th. This species continues to be a rare to uncommon migrant through the remainder of much of the fall with an increase in sightings from September 15th to October 1st being the only noticeable change through much of the period. The last migrants have typically left the islands by October 10th, though at least one record from early December and a February arrival exist and this species may attempt wintering during milder years.

Photo by John Gorey
Dunlin (right) with Rock Sandpiper by Linda Widdop
Photo by Barbara Lestenkof
Photo by Ashley Casey