Gray-tailed Tattler

Tringa brevipes

A rare spring vagrant with most records during the first half of June from that period, though it is encountered much more irregularly than later in the year. The few records in late June and early July connect the spring with the beginning of fall migration when the first individuals typically begin to appear in mid-late July after the 10th. It is regular by the end of July with the earliest count of more than five adults from July 28th. While this species is seen regularly most of the fall, the peak numbers are usually at the very end of July and first week of August for adults and during the first half of September for juveniles, where the earliest date for more than five juveniles is August 22nd and the latest is September 17th. This species becomes quite rare again by the end of September, with only a few early October records.

Photo by Ryan P. O’Donnell
Photo by Sulli Gibson
Photo by Cory Gregory
Photo by Sulli Gibson