Wandering Tattler

Tringa incana

A common spring and fall migrant, which is also regularly found through most of the summer, this species is to be expected during much of the May- October period. The first records each spring typically come during the second week of May and with the first arrivals they are usually seen daily through the first week of June when the spring migrants begin to drop off. However, small numbers may be seen on almost any day in late June or early July when lingering spring migrants, summer wanderers, or early fall migrants could appear. Regular migrants begin to re-appear on about July 10th and continue to be found more commonly beginning in late July and early August with peak numbers in early August (for adults) and around the beginning of September (for juveniles) with moderate numbers present daily through mid-September. Migrants begin to drop off by September 25th, with October sightings on a less-than-annual basis ending by the middle of the month.

Wandering Tattler by Kathie ONeil 1024x768 - Wandering Tattler
Photo by Kathie O’Neil
Wandering Tattler by Ryan P. ODonnell 1024x697 - Wandering Tattler
Photo by Ryan P. O’Donnell
Wandering Tattler by Sulli Gibson 1024x683 - Wandering Tattler
Photo by Sulli Gibson
Wandering Tattler by Stephan Lorenz 1024x815 - Wandering Tattler
Photo by Stephan Lorenz