Semipalmated Sandpiper

Calidris pusilla

This species is a common breeder along Alaska’s north coast west to the Seward Peninsula and is a very rare visitor to the Pribilof Islands. On average, they are detected in one out of every three years. Records come from both spring (late May. Early June) and fall (late July through September), but predominantly occur during the first two weeks of June. In spring, look for the general lack of rufous tones to the upperparts and breast, short and blunt ended bill and clean white flanks to separate this species from the other three black-legged peeps which occur on the Pribilofs (Red-necked and Little Stints, and Western Sandpiper). Semi’s should be looked for around Antone Slough, Pumphouse Lake or Lake Dune. Keep in mind that of the four dark-legged peeps this species is the rarest on the Pribilofs.