Short-tailed Shearwater

Puffinus tenuirostris

The circum-pacific migrant Short-tailed Shearwater is at times abundant near shore in the Pribilofs. The entire world’s population summers in the Bering and Arctic Seas before heading south through the Aleutian Chain, down the west coast of the Americas and back across to their south Pacific breeding grounds. A few individuals are found in the spring (early and mid June), but in fall (early August on) literally thousands can be seen during stiff onshore winds. The shearwater flocks are typically well offshore, but occasionally (especially at East Landing) individual birds will be much closer. To ensure that the birds passing by are shearwaters, rather than dark migrant Northern Fulmar, look for their narrow pointed wings, pointed tail, very rapid flight and slender long head and neck. There are no verified records of Sooty Shearwater north of the Aleutian Islands.bird