Siberian Rubythroat

Luscinia calliope

This species is likely annual in the Pribilofs, during periods of sustained west winds in very late May and early June. Rubythroats are great skulkers however, and are not detected every year on the island. Most sightings are of second-year or adult males. Some individuals actually sing while on the island, remaining “on territory” for several days. Look for this species in the grassy tangles around Webster House, along the rocky shoreline of Northeast Point, in town and around Kamanista and Antone Lakes. Rubythroats are by far the most likely Luscinia to appear on the island, but if confronted by a female look for the thin white eyeline, white throat, all brown tail and clear breast to separate this species from other possibilities (such as Bluethoat, Swindhoe’s Robin, Red-flanked Bluetail and Siberian Blue Robin).