Long-tailed Jaeger

Stercorarius longicaudus

This is the only species of jaeger not regularly found the entire period from May-October, though it is the second most regular species during the spring and often the most common species during the summer. It is not regularly found until at least May 20th with regular sightings through June 15th, when sightings drop-off a bit. This species re-appears the last couple days of June or first few days of July in the summer with a peak southbound movement from July 5th-20th. Birds continue to be regular through the end of the month and first few days of August, after which this species becomes scarce in the Pribilofs. It is very rarely encountered after mid-August, with only a handful of sightings in late August and September as this species vacates the Bering Sea area much earlier than the other jaegers.

Photo by Tom Johnson
Photo by Cory Gregory
Photo by Cory Gregory
Photo by Doug Gochfeld