Solitary Sandpiper

Tringa solitaria

Although Solitary Sandpipers are widespread breeders across central Alaska to the Yukon-Kuskaquim Delta, there are only two accepted record of this species for Saint Paul Island. The first was a bird found on June 11-12, 1984, and the second sighting occurred on May 29, 1995. This species has an old-world counterpart, the Green Sandpiper, which has also occurred on the Pribilofs and which it closely resembles. To separate these two shorebirds look first to the tail and rump pattern. Green Sandpipers have white rumps and mainly white tails with a few black bars in the central tail feathers. Solitary Sandpipers are dark rumped and have dark central tail feathers and extensive barring across the outer tail feathers. The underwing linings and upperparts of Green Sandpiper are also darker than on Solitary Sandpiper.