Spotted Redshank

Tringa erythropus

There are four fall records of this elegant shorebird in the Pribilofs. The dates span from August 23 to October 4. In the Western Aleutians Spotted Redshanks have also occurred in spring. The identification of this smallTringais fairly straightforward. Adults are stunningly dressed with all-black underparts, dark red legs and thin bill (with a red lower mandible). Juveniles share the very thin slightly drooped bill of the adults, and have orange-red legs and all gray body. All ages show white wing linings and a large white wedge on the back (in flight). Look for this species primarily in fall, during periods of west winds. As with otherTringasandpipers this species prefers vegetated freshwater ponds. Some good places to look on Saint Paul include Pumphouse Lake, Tonki Wetlands, Little Polovina Ponds and Webster Lake.

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