Barn Swallow

Hirundo rustica

This species has been found regularly during the spring and summer, though it shows only a broad pattern of occurrence in the spring with the records spread evenly from late May to late June (but a slight peak in the June 5th-15th period). It is found less frequently during the summer with regular records only through June 25th, after which there are just a few records through to early August.

Three subspecies of Barn Swallow have been recorded in Pribilofs, of these the American subspecies erythrogaster has been involved in at least 10 of the records, while birds of Eurasian origin (rustica and gutturalis) have been involved in at least another 10 of the records. Individuals of unknown subspecific identity account for the remainder of local records.

Photo by Stephan Lorenz
Photo by Stephan Lorenz
Photo by Tom Johnson