Dusky Thrush

Turdus naumanni

The first two out of six records of this species from the Pribilofs occurred during the spring, while rest that followed have been during the fall. In the spring it is most likely found during late May, while in the fall this late migrant should not be looked for until late September and could be found well into October or even beyond.

One of the two individuals found in May 2003 was a “Naumann’s” Thrush, which is split from the Dusky Thrush by some authorities. At present, that (sub)species has not been fully documented from North America.

Dusky Thrush by Tom Johnson 1024x684 - Dusky Thrush
Photo by Tom Johnson
Dusky Thrush by Doug Gochfeld 1 1024x657 - Dusky Thrush
Photo by Doug Gochfeld
Dusky Thrush by Stephan Lorenz 1024x573 - Dusky Thrush
Photo by Stephan Lorenz