Fox Sparrow

Passerella iliaca

A rare vagrant during the spring season, this species becomes much more common during the fall. Of the spring records, a majority are from the second half of May with the few other records from mid-May or early June. In fall, this species has rarely been found prior to August 20th though it is regularly recorded by the end of the month. The peak of migration is usually from September 10th-October 1st with migrants still regularly located into early-mid October.

The “Sooty” Fox Sparrow (Passerella iliaca [unalaschcensis Group]) predominates in the Pribilofs, but one or two “Red” Fox Sparrows (Passerella iliaca zaboria) are recorded during most falls.

Fox Sparrow by Gil Ewing 1024x778 - Fox Sparrow
Photo by Gil Ewing
Fox Sparrow by Nat Drumheller 1024x545 - Fox Sparrow
Photo by Nat Drumheller
Fox Sparrow by Tom Johnson 1024x684 - Fox Sparrow
Photo by Tom Johnson
Fox Sparrow by Cory Gregory 1024x683 - Fox Sparrow
Photo by Cory Gregory