Golden-crowned Sparrow

Zonotrichia atricapilla

A rare spring migrant/vagrant that has been found much more regularly in the fall when it becomes one of the most common, and reliable, passerine migrants. Spring sightings are centered from May 25th to June 5th, with a few earlier spring records and an occasional bird as late as mid-June. The first fall migrants typically arrive in late August and are seen regularly through September with a peak from the final days of August through September 20th with many records involving large numbers present over an extended period of time. By October, records of this species are less common and it is only seen sporadically into the middle of the month. The couple winter records were likely locally wintering individuals as opposed to migrants and indicate this species may remain into winter on occasion, when weather conditions allow.

Golden crowned Sparrow by Sulli Gibson 1024x683 - Golden-crowned Sparrow
Photo by Sulli Gibson
Golden crowned Sparrow by Ryan P. ODonnell 1024x737 - Golden-crowned Sparrow
Photo by Ryan P. O’Donnell
Golden crowned Sparrow by Cory Gregory 1024x680 - Golden-crowned Sparrow
Photo by Cory Gregory
Golden crowned Sparrow by Scott Schuette 1024x707 - Golden-crowned Sparrow
Photo by Scott Schuette