Tufted Duck

Aythya fuligula

Tufted Ducks are the second most numerous old-world waterfowl species that occurs on the Pribilof Islands. This species is close to annual in spring, and is possible at any time of the tour season from very early May to the third week of June. Male Tufted Ducks can be easily distinguished from Scaup by the jet-black back. They most closely resemble Ring-necked Ducks (which are accidental in the Pribilofs), but lack the latter species’ white extension up the front of the flank, and white saddle in the bill. Female Tufted Ducks are darker backed and more compact than Greater or Lesser Scaup, lack the white bill saddle of female Ring-necked Duck and have a short tuft that gives the nape a bushy appearance. Look for this species in our deeper freshwater lakes (Weather Bureau, Polovina, Sheep and Webster Lakes), or in the Salt Lagoon.