Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

Empidonax flaviventris

Three fall records of this species (one from very late summer) are the only sightings of this species in the Pribilof Islands, all coming from St. Paul Island. A rare-but-regular and perhaps increasing breeder in interior Alaska, this species is not to be expected but as an early fall migrant, the best time to find this species in the future is likely during the month of August or very early September when most species of migrant Tyrant flycatchers have been recorded.

Yellow bellied Flycatcher by Cameron Cox - Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
Photo by Cameron Cox
Yellow bellied Flycatcher by Doug Gochfeld 1 - Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
Photo by Doug Gochfeld
Yellow bellied Flycatcher 2 by Doug Gochfeld - Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
Photo by Doug Gochfeld