American Pipit

Anthus rubescens

A regular, though not common, spring migrant in the Pribilofs, this species is rarely encountered prior to May 20th; however, there are multiple records prior to the 15th. The peak of migration is centered on May 25th, with records becoming rare again from the start of June through the first week of that month. There are only a few records from after the first week of June with rare summer records, all during July and early August, with at least four of those occurrences involving pairs that remained to nest (1965, 2000, 2001, and 2017). Usually found in much larger numbers during the fall, individuals and small groups may be seen starting in mid-August, though they typically are not present in consistent numbers until the end of the month or beginning of September with the 5th-25th of that month being the peak of migration. Small numbers are often present into October with sightings until the middle of the month in some years. This species has not been seen past October, though it is likely to be present in some years later into the fall if weather conditions permit.

American Pipit by Sulli Gibson 1024x683 - American Pipit
Photo by Sulli Gibson
American Pipit 2 by Cory Gregory 1024x682 - American Pipit
Photo by Cory Gregory
American Pipit by Aaron Lang 1024x682 - American Pipit
Photo by Aaron Lang
American Pipit by Cory Gregory 1024x680 - American Pipit
Photo by Cory Gregory
American Pipit by Doug Gochfeld 1024x657 - American Pipit
Photo by Doug Gochfeld